For private parties and corporate events looking for entertaining options, we provide a variety of fun approaches for murder mystery dinners throughout the Caribbean for various groups and gatherings practically anywhere you can think of. We have choices that range from using participants in the show to strictly using our actors. Below you will find some of our more frequently asked questions.



A murder mystery dinner show for your private parties, banquets, corporate events and charity fundraising customized for you has proven to be perfect for entertaining groups of all kinds. So exactly what is a murder mystery dinner and what does it entail? To answer this and more specific queries, we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions here, along with appropriate answers.

Q: Do you perform public shows?

A: Most of our shows are private parties and corporate events, though we are available to provide entertainment at area hotels, resorts and cruise ships. If we do so, the events would be advertised through the venue, so simply ask your hotel if they have a murder mystery dinner. If they don't, have them give us a call for potentially booking us.

gala murder mystery

Gala Murder Mysteries

The classic format for very large groups with all kinds of added elements. This includes shows for charities as part of our Justifiable Homicide program and are catered to high society. These meet even the most particular of guests.

straight murder mystery mugshot

Straight Murder Mystery Dinners

The industry standard bring 4-7 actors interacting with your crowd leading up to a murder and a comedic investigation. Meet and talk with the crazy cast of characters, witness a crime and then work together to solve it!


Ambush Mysteries

We create a scenario where the audience is unaware that a murder mystery show is taking place. Up until the dead body hits the floor, they think it is really happening. The relief lets them break loose and have a great time!


Participation Mysteries

With both Clue Parties, where everyone at your party is a character, and Cambridge Solution Mysteries, where we use roughly one participant from your group per table, we have great interactive mysteries to get your people directly involved!

wedding mysteries

Wedding Shows

People are often looking for new ways to have their nuptials. A mystery evening is a great way to have a unique and memorable experience with friends and family. We do REHEARSAL DINNERS and RECEPTIONS.

frick and frack

Frick & Frack Shows

More of a stand-up comedy routine, this involves one or two detectives investigating an improvised whodunit while directly involving your audience members in the crime. This creates a personalized show that could never be repeated!

Q: You say that you customize shows, how customized are they?

A: Every script is unique and written for the show and group involved. Some levels of customization might require an extra fee, such as for a new scenario for a Cambridge Solution. For larger shows, there may be certain elements that have been repeated over the years, but we tailor that beforehand and on-site directly to you. Additionally, all of our performers have years of improvisational training and public performances under their belt. This means that their improv skills are fully taken advantage of and can react to the situations around them. Literally, we could not perform the same show twice even if we tried.

Q: What makes a THEY improv Murder Mystery different from others?

A: THEY improv stands out in the murder mystery business in a lot of ways. The most obvious is that the cast of THEY improv is comprised of some of the top improvisational comedy talent. This means that the show not only has a great interactive experience for the audience, but that the entire cast adjusts to the changing needs and comedic energy of the group involved. Secondly, THEY improv never forgets that the emphasis is on entertainment, not on mystery. The show is designed to entertain the audience more than perplex them. To that effect, we push the murder back in the plot allowing for a larger amount of audience interaction and fun prior to the murder and a shorter interrogation time. In some shows the detective is the star. In ours, the comedy is. Thirdly, some murder mystery companies try to beat the audience and not even give out the prizes. THEY improv guarantees that someone will have been correct in their solution of the murder mystery for our full shows. There are a lot of ways we're different. The best way for you to find out how is to contact us for a show and see for yourself.

We have many themes and can customize to just about any other that you can think of. Some of the more common themes include: The 1920's or 1930's for a Prohibition Era party, A Millionaire's Mansion, A Movie Mogul, Mobsters, A Wedding and many others. We have conducted murder mystery dinner shows with everything from the Versace Mansion to Gilligan's Island. If you want to have a particular theme, just let us know!


Q: What is interactive as opposed to immersive?

A: Generally, when someone refers to a show being interactive, it means that the performers will talk to the audience, either to get input or a reaction. Because interactive is a term used and understood in the industry, we tend to use the term incorrectly. Our shows are more accurately referred to as immersive. An immersive performance is where our actors fully participate in the audience experience and can be mistaken as audience members. Some audience members can also be confused with performers. This immersive experience enhances the entire event and increases the involvement of the audience members to the point of maintaining full attention.

More FAQs

Younger or more sensitive audience members should have no problem enjoying a night of fun and clean comedy when THEY improv takes the stage. We are predisposed to performing clean comedy shows. If, however, we are requested to become more lively in our performance, we may do so. After all, our murder mysteries are custom-tailored for the audience involved. Our standard policy is to remain one-level cleaner than the audience.

Smaller groups can get cost-prohibitive for murder mysteries, and even more so in the Caribbean. If you have the budget, though, the simple answer is yes.

While we prefer the immersive experience, we can perform "Presentational Murder Mysteries." This is performed on a stage or raised area with sound system like a play and with limited audience interaction. This is usually done for much larger groups and is more heavily scripted. This tends to have a higher cost because of the writing involved.

We have a variety of offerings. Some of our offerings are designed as a mix and mingle party that allows your participants to interview each other to try to determine the culprit. Another offering allows some of your people to play the roles being interrogated by our detective and the audience to determine the culprit. But for our signature immersive murder mystery dinners, you want to limit the exposure of your people as performers. Quite frankly, they're simply not professional, and our people are. But we will customize any event to you and follow your lead as to who you want to participate. So the short answer? Yes, but it isn't our recommendation.

THEY improv is capable of performing anywhere. After all, we are improvisational. We are used to making do and reacting to what is at hand. Generally we perform in banquet spaces, dining rooms, hotels, restaurants, yachts, cruise ships, conference centers and theaters. The question usually comes down to an ability to be seen and heard by the audience. The real answer is that you should contact us if you have a venue that you have a question about and we are certain that we can find a way to make it work.

THEY improv is one of the fastest growing murder mystery companies in the U.S. and we do have some performers in the Caribbean. The reality, though, is that travel will likely be involved and work visas are also likely needed. This isn't program that is inexpensive, but for our clients in the U.S. that want to bring American entertainment to their people that they brought to a meetings and incentives awards event, we can help justify that budget. Likewise, we can perform multiple functions, making the effort more affordable by spreading the costs. We are not the least expensive, but isn't having the best worth it?

Q: What is an ambush murder mystery?

A: We are one of the few companies in the country that specializes in the ambush murder mystery. This is a scenario where the audience is unaware that a murder mystery is occurring. We create a situation where our players would reasonably be expected to be in the location. After establishing the legitimacy of our characters, we then create situations that would rarely happen at parties. The 'trainwreck moments' are designed to get the audience talking about what's going on around them and attempt to intercede on behalf of our characters. Think of it as an elaborate prank being played on your audience. When the death finally occurs, the audience then realizes that they've been had and are led through the process of determining the culprit. One of the major advantages of this form of show is that the audiences expectations are constantly changed.


We are happy to discuss your needs for language. We have some people that can operate in multiple languages, etc. We will need to know these needs in advance so that we can discuss concerns for the performance and budget.

Because every corporate event and private party is custom designed you have to contact THEY improv directly to receive a quote for your banquet. Prices range based on the costs for a show. The more actors, the more props, the more difficult to be on-site, the larger the event, the more the writing, the higher the cost. There are an extreme number of options to take into account. Contact us for a detailed quote and we'll help clarify.

Even though we call them dinners, the reality is that a lot of our events take place during the day. Lunch is quite common and it operates basically the same, though often there is no cocktail hour. It can be a great idea to entertain your employees without keeping them after hours. Likewise, an ambush at lunch works well with our people to look like a regular team building group or lecturer. Contact us to find ideas that might work for your group based on your timing.

Based on the desires of the client, we may have gunshots (blanks, of course), stabbings, etc. All such things are usually done to comedic effect and may require authorization of the venue and appropriate security staffs. Likewise, the Client must indemnify us and indicate to potential guests with any conditions the inherent issues or concerns.

We can accept most forms of payment including checks, credit cards, ACH, cash in USD or other currencies, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and just about anything else. If we get charged, you get charged. So credit cards have a 3.5% fee associated with it. Likewise, other payment methods where we get charged, such as setting up Venmo as a product purchase, will require an additional fee. We do this to keep our costs down and we rather you pay using methods where there is not a fee. Usually we require 50% up front with a follow-up of the final 50% one-week prior to the event.

We do have appropriate liability insurance for the events we conduct, in general. We would have to discuss the specifics of location and the effect on our policy. Certain countries may invalidate the policy. We will work with you to accommodate your needs, though it may be for a fee. Nothing will be done, however, without your advanced knowledge, desire, and agreement.



THEY improv can provide Caribbean murder mysteries in the hotels, resorts, homes, yachts, and on cruise ships in Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British and US Virgin islands, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, the Florida Keys, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Greater and Lesser Antilles, and many other locations.

Prior to any destination wedding murder mystery dinner in the Caribbean, THEY improv listens to you and answers questions to customize a program to help custom tailor an evening of entertainment to your particular group no matter which island you are on.


We provide murder mysteries throughout the Caribbean! Wherever you might be in Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St. Lucia, USVI and the ships that go between, or anywhere else, we stand ready to help your group to have fun. This includes in the resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, cruise ships and yachts. We do not provide the food or the venue. We come to you and help you have a great time with your family and friends or coworkers!

THEY improv has worked for over half of the Fortune 500 in the U.S. and seeks to serve their clients wherever they might go. This means having people and relationships to serve clients throughout the Caribbean. Sometimes travel is involved as well as legal filings depending on dates chosen, locations and availability of staff. Simply contact us to determine what these needs might be.





The first step is to determine your needs. This includes potential goals, desires and concerns. The more we know about what has already been decided can allow us to narrow the conversation to approaches that interest you.



We need to know the city where the event will be as well as what kind of venue might be used. A date, or date range, for when you would like to have this and what time frame you are looking for will help to determine our commitment and availability. Knowing the size of your group, though that will likely just be an estimate, will allow us to choose appropriate options and have a better feel for the resources required.



If you know budget limitations, that can allow us to restrict the conversations to those options that will be within your financial constraints. This works in both directions. We don't want to overbuild and propose options that can't be done. Also, we don't want to provide less than we could realizing the resources that could be made available to better achieve your goals.


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.