We can help you boost the quality of your employees with our Caribbean hospitality training workshops and guest relations seminars. Whether you are trying to enhance your front desk skills, phone center customer service or even housekeeping, we can bring a smile to the face of your employees and your guests alike.



Helping you grow your business is what THEY improv is all about. We know how to entertain. With just a little hospitality training we can make your employees be more pleasant people to be around. This improves guest services, customer relations and the all important reviews that past customers provide to new people looking to take their families or companies to the Caribbean.



  1. Make a Personal Connection - Guests want to feel special and that you are going out of your way for them. They want to feel like you care about them as a person rather than as a room number. This gives them a sense that you will do what you have requested and provide for a layer of trust.
  2. Details Matter - Being able to recall the smallest detail, remembering names, following up, these are all skills appreciated by guests.
  3. Enthusiasm - Feeling entusiastic and positive can be a skill under harsh circumstances. Regardless of what life has thrown at you, if you don't have enthusiasm for your facility, then why should anyone else?
  4. Emotional Intelligence - Understanding the person you are speaking to, learning to influence that person by adapting to circumstance, can help in most any situation.
  5. Conflict Reolution - Often people speak with you about problems. Understanding their situation, empathizing, finding ways to resolve the situation without putting your company in a problematic position, is a valuable skill.
why comedy

This is a hospitality training workshop to help your people to think outside the box. Comedy is a great tool to achieve the mental freedom to do this. Regardless of current skills, we tailor to your team in the areas that require the most work. We can use real-world scenarios and role play to achieve your goals!

Whether you are managing a resort, area hotel or other accommodations, or if you have a company that provides some other form of tourist or destination management requiring direct customer service, you need to ensure that your employees treat your guests with the respect and attitude that will have them return.

We can provide facilitators of different levels of experience. Our basic facilitators have a lot of experience with such workshops but don't necessarily have the business experience to innovate and shift with the specific questions someone might ask. This is great if you have no major problems or are trying to refresh concepts. If there are issues and you need someone with more experience, we bring heavy hitters to your group. This is someone who can walk you through more advanced issues and can help overcome whatever problems you are facing.

One of the keys to any corporate training program in Emotional Intelligence. Simply put, it is the ability to understand your feelings, the feelings of others, and how to manipulate those to great effect. Having a high EQ can make all the difference in so many different circumstances.

emotional intelligence

We have a variety of Caribbean hospitality training programs that we provide that are geared towards different skills and that can be one time events or repeating programs to help engender the culture of great guest relations.

We can now consult for tourist-related companies throughout the Caribbean, though there may be some legal hurdles in some locations that are not that difficult to surmount. Hiring THEY improv allows the best that the US has to offer for American companies traveling to the Caribbean for their meetings.

We also serve all major tourist destinations that are used for corporate meetings and incentives retreats including Antigua, Aruba, the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, St. Lucia and the ships that go between.


We service the entire region from the THEY improv HQ in the United States. The best way to contact us is by email at Later, we can set up Zoom or Teams meetings or phone calls.